The new junk journal kit I have for you today is something a little different. Officially it’s called “Red all over” from the ancient joke “What’s black and white and (read) all over?” Answer: The Newspaper.

Not everyone will get that since the news comes on our smart phones now!

Anyhow, here’s a preview of the new kit, please let me know what you think as I strayed away from the usual vintage and shabby chic. However it does have 2 CATS in it!

Contents include 50 pieces:

*10 12X12 sheets (you’ll need a bigger printer if you want to print them that large)
*10 approx. 5.5 X 8 inch pages already arranged in two’s so you can print them double-sided.
*2 pockets
*4 journaling cards or use them as photo mats
*Just a couple of vintage ads, couldn’t help myself
*Beautiful Word Tags
*Cut files: flower arrangements in a few sizes, a French antique ornament, doilies, and —2 CATS!
What are the cats doing here? Why, playing in the flowers of course!

Purchase here 


5 Journal Cards Poppies Kit



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