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Vintage Rose DIY Journal Kit, Video How-To

Vintage Rose Journal Kit by Digi Doodads

Holy Moly. What a mess!

Yesterday I pulled out a folder of papers (I thought) and found this adorable mini-album in there. I had started making it, all was done except the cover. So I said, brilliantly, “I’ll make a video!” and I did a walk-through of the whole album, discussing  how I made it.

Today I went to edit the video and I absolutely can’t find it. HOWEVER.… I found a video of the same album that I actually made 7 months ago, and never edited or uploaded.

Are you lost yet?

So today I am sharing the old video since I have lost the new one. It’s better anyway I think.

Vintage Rose Journal Kit by Digi Doodads

My Vintage Rose Journal Kit

If you love shabby chic, vintage, roses, grunge….this journal kit is for you. It’s coming out a lot pinker than the actual parts. It is soft and sweet. The colors are Blush, Cafe Noir, Chocolate —- YUM.

Call it a junk journal kit, mini album kit, or art journal. Call it and make it into whatever you want! It is a digital (printable) download file, which means you get to print it over and over as many times as you like. It comes set up  with 10 journal pages 6X6 inches all laid out and ready for you to print and assemble. Then you just use some of the stickers or cut files to embellish it. Or use the other papers to make a bigger or different layout. Here’s the video instructions for the simplest journal layout. I hope you like it!

Here’s part 2, where I started doing the cover. Honestly, you don’t have to follow my way; but maybe if you watch it’ll give you an idea?
By the way, a lot of people have asked if I will print the files for people. Of course I will, as long as you cover the cost of printing. I realize not everyone has the capability, or maybe their printer is on the blink or whatever. I have put a fee for the printed-out kit to cover my costs (I hope). Use this link if you want to purchase it that way. Not sure if that was just idle curiosity – we’ll see!
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Products Used in this Project:

Products to UseLinks Included 
Digi Doodads
Vintage Rose Kit
Tape Glider 3L Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Dots Runner Repositionable Tape The 6 Pack
Aileen’s Tacky Glue Paper Studio Paper TrimmerHole punch/ Cropadile
Tag punchFlowersEmbossing folders (in the video)
Tonic Studios - Nuvo Collection - Vintage Drops - Dusty RoseGuillotine paper cutterEmbossing folders (other cute borders)



Make Your First Mini Album or Journal Today!

Today I want to introduce my latest digital design, the Independence Day Mini Album kit. You can use it as a photo album or journal, there are plenty of different pages to use in different ways. It’s designed to make an album EVEN IF IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER MADE A MINI ALBUM BEFORE. I’ll show you  how. 😉

To get started, use this link and go to etsy to download the file. It’s all digital – it lives on your computer ,and you can print it out whenever you’re ready. I recommend using cardstock for printing, and I like Neenah Solar White.  

But you can also print on regular printer paper. It’ll work just fine.

The main part of the kit is a set of red, white and blue double pages each 5.5X8” so that your finished album measures about 5.5X7.5” in size. This is just the right size for journaling or keeping memorabilia in, and it works great if you’re into junk journaling. There is one envelope and 2 sizes of pockets (plus one I show you in the video).

The cut files include family oriented items like pie, lollipops. cherries, Picture frames, and fun words. There are 8 3×4” journaling cards included – and of course, it’s digital, so print them as many times as you like.

You get:

  • 15 8×8” papers
  • 16 double pages including a cover
  • 8 journaling cards
  • 24 cut files

Here are a few of the files:


Directions for your first Mini Album:

Before you begin watching the video, print out all the files and cut them out. Black lines are included on most of the files. Note that your double page layouts will print in landscape style – this should happen on its own but some have to tell the printer to turn it (I did).

Using the paper trimmer or scissors, cut out all the files. Here is how I do it:

First, I grab my 12×12 guillotine cutter and trim the edges off all the papers. If there’s room between the cut files, I slice them apart too.

Click to see guillotine cutter

Next, I move to the paper trimmer and refine the cuts I already made. Anything with straight edges usually gets trimmed here.

Last, I get my small scissors and trim out the cut files like the sun, flag, and food shapes.

After the pieces are all cut, look at the pages with dark lines running down the middle, like this:

Those are your pages for your journal. You could make more pages using the same or the other papers provided in the Digi doodads kit. You could create different pages by cutting sheets in half horizontally and laying them across a page, like this:

Or you can just use them as they are. In the video, I did use the pages provided, but I tossed out 2 sheets (so really 4 pages) because it’s just me and hubby; I didn’t need that much space for my journal.

Two more decisions to make: are you going to edge any of the pages or cut files in black ink? If so you’ll want to grab your ink and a sponge dauber and rub ink along the edges.  The last decision is whether you want your “signatures” (folded pages) laid out one stacked on top of the other, or do you want to open one, lay it down, open the next, lay it on top, etc. either way works fine.

Now that you are ready, here’s the video:

Here is most of my completed album. I think there are 4 pages not shown.


Inside Front

Page 2

Pages 3 and 4

Large Pocket and a Journaling Page

Frame Page and a blank page

Triangle Pockets (left) and Mats for photos

Two more Pockets

A few Decorated Mats

And I went back near the end and cut these, I don’t believe they’re in the videos.

Some Shapes I cut out to use in the album (not part of the kit)





There are affiliate links used in this post. If you purchase those items, I may receive a small fee. It costs you nothing to use them. I donate my proceeds to animal rescue.


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Poppies Junk Journal Kit – Red White and Black

The new junk journal kit I have for you today is something a little different. Officially it’s called “Red all over” from the ancient joke “What’s black and white and (read) all over?” Answer: The Newspaper.

Not everyone will get that since the news comes on our smart phones now!

Anyhow, here’s a preview of the new kit, please let me know what you think as I strayed away from the usual vintage and shabby chic. However it does have 2 CATS in it!

Contents include 50 pieces:

*10 12X12 sheets (you’ll need a bigger printer if you want to print them that large)
*10 approx. 5.5 X 8 inch pages already arranged in two’s so you can print them double-sided.
*2 pockets
*4 journaling cards or use them as photo mats
*Just a couple of vintage ads, couldn’t help myself
*Beautiful Word Tags
*Cut files: flower arrangements in a few sizes, a French antique ornament, doilies, and —2 CATS!
What are the cats doing here? Why, playing in the flowers of course!

Purchase here 


5 Journal Cards Poppies Kit



New Digital Journal Kit “The Charlotte”

Hi there! I’ve created a new digital journaling kit called “The Charlotte.” As in Charlotte Bronte. There is a quote from her on one of the ephemera pages. There are also plenty of antique-style tags, ads, and buttons, and some rose cut files for decorating your journal cover or even altering a box or miniature chest.

The many pages, pieces and parts can be used for:

  • Junk Journaling
    Personal Journaling
    Art and Ephemera Book
    Card Making
    Creating almost any sort of paper craft.

It’s full of antique shabby goodness — grunged pages, pink roses, etc.

Here are some samples (note that I don’t give the sample photos the same quality your download would have. Please don’t let them turn you away!) The digital download will print at 300 dpi 8.5X11″ on your home computer. These are just a few of the elements:

You can purchase the kit here.
I’ll come back and update once I create a video making a journal out of the Charlotte Journaling Kit.

*A digital kit is one you download from the web; I do not mail you anything. It is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD.This way you save shipping costs, plus it’s on your own hard drive so you can print out as many copies as you want. That means if you mess up, just throw it away and print another! Or if you want to make scrapbook albums for all 6 of your daughters, print 6 copies! Digital is the way to go, in my opinion.