About Me

*Violinist and author

*Transplanted from TN to Florida 4 years ago

*Love to kayak

*Pet owner/lover

I’ve been crafting and teaching for (cough, cough) many years. I took a break while raising 3 children by myself, because I wanted to be sure my focus was on them. Moms, you know what I mean. Anyway they went off to college and beyond, and I settled back into crafting.

I change craft projects all the time, as i suffer greatly from shiny object syndrome. Right now I do a lot of realistic oil painting, a little ink/watercolor work, and lots of greeting cards. Two years ago I was stuck on jewelry making and clay designs. Whatever I do, I do it like the world’s going to catch on fire if I don’t craft!

Besides crafting, I’m an author of several books. You can see my Amazon Author page here.

I’m married to a wonderful man who doesn’t mind the table being piled up with paints, stamps, ink, and dies. He doesn’t even complain when I get paint on our new furniture. Thank goodness!

About Stampin’ Up!

I discovered Stampin’ Up a long time ago, and wondered why do women get so excited over Stampin’ Up? Well I started using their products and found out! The very best thing is that everything matches — no guesswork, no oddball papers that sit in the back of the stacks for years, which translates into no wasted $$. It all goes, it all works, and the paper, stamp pads, etc. are manufactured to the highest standard. So you can be proud of the cards you create!

I know, I sound like a commercial. Anyway I signed up with them just to get the discount on my own purchase….but then… I noticed that a whole bunch of people on FB had been with SU for twenty years!

As someone who’s been involved in MLM companies for years, I was curious about Stampin’ Up’s longevity. What kept these women in the game? I started investigating and found a huge loving community. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?? So one thing led to another, and I’m teaching workshops, blogging, and so on– and 20 years from now I’ll be one of those women!

If you love helping others, you’d probably like to consider joining my team. I’m a really good team leader I’ve been with several companies, and I have had good and bad leaders. I know how to help you succeed. You will get $125 in products for $99 — and let me tell you, it’s a fantastic deal. You are getting products, not a bunch of paperwork (like one company) or a so-called ‘course’ (another one). Plus, I will send you a personal gift just for signing up! You can do it to get your own discount on products, or to launch a new career.


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