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What’s on my easel?

Most Fridays I do a post on Facebook called “What’s on my Easel?” It shows you…um…. what I have been working on that week. Last week’s post was a hit, everyone liked (and some shared) the painting. (Nobody bought it, but hey! Attention!)


This week was a colossal failure, so much that I forgot to post the WOME until someone called me out on it. I actually had 5 projects — here they are with i.d. numbers in RED — and I’ll explain what went wrong for each one.



1, Six ACEO/ATC cards. ACEO stands for “Artist Cards, Editions and Originals”. I designed them digitally. Actually these are okay. I haven’t fastened them onto a backing yet, but that will get done today. (I’m trying to get ready for a virtual “sidewalk sale” in my Frazzled Finch shop beginning this Wednesday).






2. A larger sketch of two finches on a Golden Chain tree. These are rainbow buntings, so the hen will be very differently colored from the male. The leaves aren’t blending well. The background is darker than planned. I am not sure what my deal is; it is taking so long to complete! As you can see…..miles to go before I sleep.




3. and 4. The two feather paintings, shown in frames on the initial photo and bigger below. The colors didn’t show like they should have, in fact these were done with the same colors in the same order but they have come out very different. And they’re drying lumpy, which probably means a re-do. Ugh. I do like the textured black background.


5. My plein air piece this week. This was going okay, but it’s done in oils so I work in layers, and I got to this point of “can’t do anything else or I’ll make a muddy mess”. Plus it was extremely windy that day. So I packed up my things and took everything but the easel with the painting to the car. When I came back, the easel and painting had face planted on the ground (you can see the grass al stuck to it). I left the grass on the paint so as not to smear it worse. One day I will clean it up and tackle the next layer. Right now it looks like a 5-year-old painted it.


So there you have it. Some weeks are like that, very little real production for your efforts. Till next time!


DIY Scrapbook Mini Album Start to Finish

I started a beach-themed mini album a few months ago. It got interrupted by a long-term house guest, who slept in my craft room. All day. Now my guest is gone and I’m sort of pawing through the album pages, videos made, videos edited, etc. trying to figure out where I am. So if I’ve left anything out, please message me!

(My email is the name of this blog at gmail. But you can also leave comments on the blog)

The paper I’m using is by the Paper Studio, and it is called Beach House. As you can see the colors are slightly muted tones of blue, red, and green – perfect for a beach album!

Click the picture to purchase the paper pad (affiliate link).
I chose to make the album’s base out of black heavyweight cardstock. 

Part 1
For the first video, we’re creating the beginning pages and pocket. It’s a fairly short one but it lays the foundation.

Part 2


Part 3

New Digital Journal Kit “The Charlotte”

Hi there! I’ve created a new digital journaling kit called “The Charlotte.” As in Charlotte Bronte. There is a quote from her on one of the ephemera pages. There are also plenty of antique-style tags, ads, and buttons, and some rose cut files for decorating your journal cover or even altering a box or miniature chest.

The many pages, pieces and parts can be used for:

  • Junk Journaling
    Personal Journaling
    Art and Ephemera Book
    Card Making
    Creating almost any sort of paper craft.

It’s full of antique shabby goodness — grunged pages, pink roses, etc.

Here are some samples (note that I don’t give the sample photos the same quality your download would have. Please don’t let them turn you away!) The digital download will print at 300 dpi 8.5X11″ on your home computer. These are just a few of the elements:

You can purchase the kit here.
I’ll come back and update once I create a video making a journal out of the Charlotte Journaling Kit.

*A digital kit is one you download from the web; I do not mail you anything. It is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD.This way you save shipping costs, plus it’s on your own hard drive so you can print out as many copies as you want. That means if you mess up, just throw it away and print another! Or if you want to make scrapbook albums for all 6 of your daughters, print 6 copies! Digital is the way to go, in my opinion.

ATCs Examples and a Freebie

Hi there,

Some people were wondering: What exactly is an ATC? So I made you the video below, to try and explain all about them — the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly so to speak.

In the video, I talk about these products (affiliate links**)
Pre-cut Bristol Strathmore ATC cards http://amzn.to/2rx2wTX
Storage sleeves for ATCs http://amzn.to/2skldbp
Watercolor paper ATC-size http://amzn.to/2rwSEJW
Canson Mixed Media XL pad (18X24″) http://amzn.to/2skwuZe 18X24

I also created this file for you to print, with a template to put on the back of your ATCs. You will need it…well watch the video, it’ll explain. 🙂 To download the file, go where it says ATC and click the link. It will download to your computer.

Please note: I do participate in affiliate programs with Amazon and other companies. I may make a few cents if you click on the link and purchase something. This helps me stay online, so thank you! I will never recommend something I have not tried, and I won’t try to sell you junk. I only promote products I believe in.